The Kingsguard

83% active in special operations
85% effective in special operations
76% Full
11% connected (members are registered users)
8% updating members intel
20% updating Task Force information

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"The Kingsguard is a sworn brotherhood. Our vows are taken for life. Only death relieves us of our sacred trust."

―Lord Commander Barristan Selmy

The Kingsguard Taak Force

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The Kingsguard Task Force (tag: #2GOUJQPQ) is currently a 25-person contingent of highly motivated and skilled Boomers. We are now looking for several more capable and like-minded individuals to aid in our endeavor. While there are no minimum entry-requirements for The Kingsguard at this time, please be advised that we conduct operations on a daily-basis and expect all Members to participate in all OPs. The Kingsguard is an ever-growing & resource-rewarding enterprise. We want YOU to share in the spoils and help ensure this task force's continued success! Please refer to the "Rules, Requirements & Responsibilities" section below for further details.

Winter is coming!


Rules, Requirements & Responsibilities

All The Kingsguard (#2GOUJQPQ) TFMs & TFOs (Task Force Members & Officers) must participate in all operations (whenever possible).

Minimum requirements for all TFMs:

  • Obtain at least 10 Intel/week

  • Correspond and collaborate with other TFMs. For example, indicate which base you intend to target before an assault and give others advice once your attack concludes.

  • Remember that you are part of a team operation. If it is clear that you cannot take down a target single-handed, focus your attack on the base's defenses--granting another TFM a clear path to victory.

  • Respect your fellow TFMs. We welcome critiques and suggestions, just so long as they are not unnecessarily harsh or insulting.

  • Most importantly--Fight like the very devil himself!

Minimum requirements for TFOs:

  • Obtain at least 20 Intel/week

  • Use Intel wisely. Only launch operations that our TF will stand a reasonable chance of completing. Sabotage targets before assaults, when it is most strategically advantageous to do so. Do not sabotage more than twice during an Operation unless absolutely necessary!

Promotions, Demotions & Dismissals:

Prerequisites for Promotion: Meet the 20 Intel/week quota. Participate in at least 3 operations. *Note: Special circumstances, such as an extraordinarily successful assault on an enemy base, may expedite the promotion process.

Terms for Demotion: Inability to meet the Officer Intel quota or failure to participate in daily operations. Also, any abuse of officer privileges and/or unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for demotion. Keep in mind, a demotion is only temporary and Officer rank will be restored to you when you are once again able to meet the basic officer requirements.

Terms for Dismissal (> Kick-out): Unable to consistently meet the TFM Intel quota or participate in daily operations. Failure to abide by any of the rules, regulations & requirements listed in this section. We will try to offer at least one warning to all TFMs, depending on their past contributions to The Kingsguard Task Force. *Note: A TFO will typically receive a demotion before outright dismissal. Extenuating circumstances may apply.

  • 2015-09-11 ScottManJo

    Looking for the Besteros in Westeros! 3 spots open but going fast. Tag: #2GOUJQPQ Join now for Winter is coming!!!

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