romford revamp

67% active in special operations
81% effective in special operations
94% Full
43% connected (members are registered users)
39% updating members intel
37% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

Welcome to the romford revamp task force. We are a progressive open task force with an aim to grow stronger and meet new friends around the world. This is a friendly team for regular boom beach gamers in a relaxed environment.


We have a minimum intel contribution of 20 per week.

Please aim to attend every operation - Let us know if you're going to be unable to attend due to holidays etc.

Please read base notes on operations as it saves attacks if everyone sings off the same hymn sheet.

Myself and our officers are on the forum regularly so if you have any questions or ideas you would like to put forward, they're always warmly received, and we are welcome to adapting for the good of the group.

As of this summer, we have a very close tight-knit group of officers and promotions will not happen that often so please don't be offended by this, everyone is on a level par as far as we're concerned.


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