90% active in special operations
98% effective in special operations
96% full
33% connected (members are registered users)
36% updating members intel
63% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

We work as a team so chat is crucial to strategizing attacks on difficult Operations. Every Wednesday we do our Hardest Op, we need full participation. Tuesday's and Fridays we do an easy Free for All Op where you can attack freely with what ever troops you chose. Saturday's we have a break. Sun,Mon,Thurs we do an average Op


Do not attack until the Notes are filled in. Read and follow Notes. Watch previous attacks and use the Chat to strategize before Attacking. Keep the Chat PG and positive comments Only. Do Not use Tanks unless they are LVL 12 or better on difficult Operations. No retreating unless it's only medics. Collect a minimium of 20 Intel per week.

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