Hoosier Daddy?

73% active in special operations
100% effective in special operations
82% Full
37% connected (members are registered users)
38% updating members intel
20% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

Which Operation Today?

To simplify this for everyone, I propose we choose the daily op based on the amount of intel we have at the start time, with a general reserve for future (harder) ops or to support us in case we have lost members for any reason. It goes as follows:

  1. Bottleneck: 670+
  2. Sour Grapes: 640
  3. Mambo: 610
  4. Powder Keg: less than 610

We are aiming to make 'Sour Grapes' our daily op. This requires, on average, 6 intel per person each day (or a weekly total of 42 if you want to look at it that way).


Welcome to 'Hoosier Daddy?'

A task force for active members. We have a guaranteed daily op, with a 94%+ success rate.

Intel: 25 per week minimum (with a target of 42).

Attacks: 5 per week (unless op is finished early).

  1. Look for (and follow) base notes, if there are any, before attacking.
  2. Deploy maximum troops.
  3. No retreat (apart from medics).
  4. New members (< 5 weeks): Respect the TF. See below for details.

We welcome new members but please bear in mind this is a long-running TF with many long-serving members. Try to be as active as possible in the first week and friendly in chat. Use this time to get an idea of how our TF works and find out if it is the one for you. Joining the TF and immediately challenging/getting involved in issues you don't know the background of won't be well received. It doesn't take long for you to get established as a useful member. In the first few weeks we reserve the right to remove anyone we feel does not fit in with the way we work, or is not making the level of contribution required to improve the TF. Groups from disbanded TFs are welcome, though all of the above will still apply.

Communicate via chat if you are going to be away/unable to participate due to holidays/work/school etc., telling us roughly how long you think you will be away - failure to do so may make you appear to be inactive, increasing the chances you will be kicked from the Task Force.

Current Officers List

  • Cpt.JackMeHoff (TF Leader) - currently on break.
  • Redeye
  • Ninib
  • perksyboy

How Beach Defender works...

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Feeder TF: The Cpt. is trying out a feeder TF for lower level members.

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