1 east rebels

60% active in special operations
91% effective in special operations
92% Full
22% connected (members are registered users)
24% updating members intel
27% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

A group of college friends plus others. Sunday-Thursday 4-6pm Operations are started. We take a break over the weekend to collect intel for the coming week and because of inactivity over weekends.


Use your attack on operations even if it is just using GBE. Try to coordinate attacks. Even if you don't make a dent in the defense taking out that one rocket may have been enough for a teammate to bring down the base. Try to at least get 15 intel a week, but more is preferred. Must have 200VP to join. Members will be accessed on their performance every Saturday. A score of less than 2 held for two weeks in a row justifies the member being kicked from the task force. TLDR:

  1. Attack in Operations
  2. Collect 15+ intel

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