90% active in special operations
77% effective in special operations
96% Full
23% connected (members are registered users)
64% updating members intel
47% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

Please leave notes about players, opinions below:


Members will be ranked upon a skill/intel/community basis. The requirement of intel is 40-45 a week minimum. Clicking the Members Page will give you a description of intel and (number of) attacks - not skill based attacks.

----AS OF 7/11/15---- The honors players : (Officers/Owner) Please leave notes after if you have comments/disagree with the ranks/ratings

  1. Captain
  2. Vrot Raiders
  3. Lt Dan

The bottom (kickable) players : (Officers/owners) Please leave notes to in the description box under the Rules if u have comments/disagree with the ranks ratings. Feel free to discuss in TF as well. New members are not known, and will not be on this list for the first few days. They could still be kicked or kickable. Officers feel free, by your discernment to kick any of the BOTTOM 2 players IF we have 48+ Remember to leave notes IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX under the rules.

-46. 177 Merciless

-48. Anubis
-49. M Rumsfield

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