Raid Force Dusk

33% active in special operations
84% effective in special operations
60% Full
100% connected (members are registered users)
21% updating members intel
27% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

Raid Force was created on December 27, 2014.  Strongarm created it, he is a Leader in COC.   He decided that he could not run both the task force and a clan.  He then assigned the task force over to Reesa, keeping it in the family as Reesa is his mom-n-law and loves BB.  When she took over RF it had less than ten people and was barely winning the op milk run.  Reesa decided to open it up to 25 members and they started pouring in, but she learned real quick that it is best to place some level limits and VP limits on the TF.  It seemed that the new players that had joined were not real serious about playing.  So some house cleaning was on the way.  She decided to boot about ten non active players and raise the level requirements.  Low and behold a another house cleaning had to take place and levels raised again.  They started to get in more active players and created a good set of guidelines.  The next thing they knew the TF was buzzing with active chat, ops everyday and making new friends.  

We are a growing TF with limit of 50.  We are ranging from 300 - 900 in VP.  Levels from lower to in the sixties.  We are a good team and our admin with 10 officers who all have BBTF duties are great with advice.  We have contest dailey, weekly, monthly for MVP and can't forget the soloist club and duet club.   The admin team keeps spreadsheet of ops , Intel and etc plus the website beachdefender.com. We do not let non active members ride coat tails of active members. We also do not tell you what troops to use in ops, but we do leave notes on the op bases for taking down the op as a team we ask that you check in at chat with an officer to make sure you do not steal someones attack. 

A nice friendly and chatty group, we are from mainly the U.S., UK, Sweden and China, New Zealand, with a few other countries in there too. Language spoke is English only.

OPs start daily in the AM PST around 10-12.

The TF got so popular and large that we had to start a sister TF for lower levels that are learning and working their way up, it is called Raid Force Dawn.  If you are below 300 vp or new to Boom Beach try Dawn.  

We now have our third task force called Raid Force Dusk.  It is for players who are with a vp higher than 300,  some from BB, some from forums and some are promoted from Dawn.  And players in Dusk can be promoted to Raid Force (Main).  Stay tuned for the next Raid Force adventure/Task Force.

If you would like to join us our tag numbers are below and we welcome you.   Please check out the guidelines of the task force.

See ya on the beach, Mates!  Reesa RF/RFD Leader

PS Don't forget your beach towel and your favorite troops!

Name - Raid Force ©   Tag - #QCC2JJP (500 VP and higher) Name - Raid Force Dusk ©  Tag - #80JQRYJ8 (300 VP and higher) Name - Raid Force Dawn ©  Tag - #2G882R20  (200 VP and lower)


Age 18+ and serious players only.
At least 300 VP. 
Earns at least min. Intel weekly (10% of your VP every Saturday at Reset)
 Attack in all OP's, No Retreating, use all GBE and must deploy troops.
Share power cells and DO NOT shoot power cells with GBE. Read and follow TF notes for every OP and check in at game chat. Be Respectful and keep language clean in chat. Download the app LINE for TF communication within 48 hours. Register at Beachdefender.com - search Raid Force or Raid Force Dawn within 48 hours. HAVE FUN!

No excuse kicking equals to being rude to other players, arguging with leaders or officers or making negative comments or hurtful will not be tolerated.  This is a place to be have fun playing together as a team and support each other in ways of good team spirit. 

Missing an operations attack that the task force lost the operartion will be warned the first time and second time kicked.  Please text leader in LINE, understand lifes issues.

There is no excuse for retreating, first time warned and second kicked.  Everyone goes in with full boats and should sacifice your troops for the team if need be.  

Please read notes for all bases in the operations, check in at chat to make sure you are clear to attack and no one is planning an attack on your base choice or someone might be training troops for an attack.  Stealing an attack is NOT tolerated at all. 

If you are new to the task force you have 48 hours to get the app LINE and Beach Defender:

           App LINE:  In your app store download the app LINE it is green and white word bubble.  Make an account login and in the top right hand corner click to search ID: creesac or stormwall_rf.  Once you have requested one of the ID's as a friend we will then add you to the Raid Force TF chat room.  

          Beach Defender:  www.beachdefender.com create an account and verify w/email, search Raid Force, request to join, BAM DONE!  This is how we track and keep our records and requesting to join helps us on the Beach Defender world leaderboard.  We started at 165 and we are at number 4! Woohoo Thank you to everyone that has registered so far. 

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