43% active in special operations
91% effective in special operations
100% Full
40% connected (members are registered users)
40% updating members intel
20% updating Task Force information

Rank history

Intel history

-Highly active & competitive 10 man TF -Majority of players living in North America -Leader & 2IC are brothers (combatRUNNER & Clutch) -Very organised TF Operations -With 9 Members we are successfully completing Powder Keg back to back. With 10 we can/have beat Mambo. -All very offensively minded Members, not a whole lot of Life or Ice Statues floating around.


1: Communicate, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way of BB.

2: Follow the notes.

3: Pull in Intel.

4: Never sabotage.

5: Have a sense of humour!

6: English only.

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